In today's turmoil...

...we rarely look back at what has brought us here and now, what has been our engine in times of growth, what has brought us relief in difficult times, the small victories, or the lessons learned.

But sometimes...

...we put the chaos on hold and remember all these.
We remember because something or someone pushed our buttons. Which buttons? Those buttons that we all have put as bookmarks in our own alphabet, and that we test from time to time to see if we still resonate with them.
What I like about "pushing" buttons is that it also comes with the "analysis" of the buttons , the "why" behind them.

And then we try to connect the dots... make causal relationships thinking that today we got here because we did something specific.
It would be interesting to realize that, even if we had not done that something, we would have still arrived here and now, because often what guides us is not easily "seen", what guides us are certain behaviors, beliefs, values, emotions, of which we become aware only later when we begin to understand our own patterns.
Behaviors, beliefs, values, and emotions are, after all, a kind of constellation of causes.

A friend once shared that he attended two universities... for his mother and one for his father, but now he doesn’t earn his salary from none of those professions.
That was, for me, one of the moments in which I put my chaos on hold for a bit and "looked" at myself when I was 18 years old.
At the age of 18, I had just entered the Finance Faculty within ASE, to “be like my mother”, and, a year later, I also enrolled at the Law School within UCDC, to “be like my father”.
The need to "prove" that I had in those times was my engine to do both faculties in parallel.
In addition, I got employed in the first year of ASE, so I had a really long period of time in which I constantly juggled between the job and the courses and exams at the two faculties.
At that time, I was saying that I had a lot of free time and that I wanted to use it efficiently.
With what I know now, I can say that I was running away from myself, running away from my thoughts that kept saying that I was still not good enough.
The knowledge gained from the faculties and the diplomas obtained helped me to be in line with the world and helped me to tick many boxes that are mandatory to be ticked either at employment or in other educational institutions. Other educational institutions? Yes, but we'll get to that later.

I recently heard a saying...

"Your calling will always call you".
I don't know if at the beginning of my professional career I felt the call I feel now, but I wouldn't have been here today without all the gained experience, without the path I had traveled - or maybe I would still have arrived here? - I'll never know.
In the professional environment, I met incredible people from whom I learned a lot and who offered me healthy surroundings in which to develop as a person and as a professional, but also people who represented lessons in themselves.
The latter, in the past, I considered to be toxic people, but recently I heard someone, with much more experience than me, who said that people are not toxic, people are as they are, but the relationships in which we are not well and in which, however, we decide to stay, those are toxic.
This perspective, for me, was a huge discovery, because I realized, something that maybe I should have done earlier, that I have control over the relationships in which I am, and it's in my power whether or not I remain in a relationship, regardless if it’s personal or professional.

I talk about the things I hear...

... or read because I am convinced that information, people, opportunities, appear in our lives in the exact moment we need them to appear, not earlier because we would not know what to do with them. And, who knows, maybe they’re useful to someone else reading them here.

Certainly, a lot of information, people or opportunities passed me by when I was not yet ready for them, even since I consciously began my personal development journey.
If until then I was in a constant rush for my professional development, I realized that it did not bring me peace, that it did not help me sleep with no worries at night. It was something that was missing, and I felt a hindrance when it came to working in a team, leading a team, being a people manager and not a project manager. Maybe for many there is no difference between the two, people manager and project manager, but for me it made all the difference in the world when I realized that I want to be treated as a person, not as a resource.

In the last five years of my personal development journey, I have tried to put in a little of each, so that I can nurture myself physically, mentally and spiritually.
I read a lot about leadership, working with people, communication, I attended all kind of courses and workshops, about leadership, public speaking, improvisation, and storytelling.
I started dancing Argentinian tango and practicing Krav Maga, self-defense martial arts. I started doing therapy and changed therapists until I found Simona, a wonderful woman who accompanies me in my healing process through Jungian psychotherapy. From everything I took what I needed to build a solid and healthy foundation, and I continue to nurture on all these day by day.

The turning point, however...

...was the Mind Learners coaching school.
Here I met two amazing women, Alecsandra and Carmen. The two of them initiated me and 14 other women, also amazing, in the secrets of transformational coaching.
And if at the beginning of school, the intention was to improve my communication and working with people skills, in the end I got out of there with clarity on the things I need to align in my life so that I can find that fulfillment that I kept looking for, and I became aware of my mission, and the path I’ll take.
My mission is to accompany you on a journey of learning, self-awareness and change of perspective, in which to identify if your actions are aligned with your values, beliefs and emotions.
Today I use all the information acquired in the coaching school for my own well-being, for my own awareness process.
I strongly believe that when we want to put something into practice, we must first start with ourselves. Thus, the effect of our own results will attract others and they will be eager to learn as much as they can about us and what we have to share with the world.

I was talking earlier...

...about other educational institutions – the journey took my steps to the Faculty of Psychology within UBB. Yes, I got to that point where I attend a university to "look like myself". I admit - I've been thinking about this for many years, but I didn't have the courage to take this step until it became clear to me what my path is.
I am so grateful for all that I have gained so far in my journey and I am looking with curiosity towards the future.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?”C.S. Lewis