Following the blog posts related to navigating the emotional flow, I invite you to listen to short Emotion Pills, through which I want to bring you a little light in your process of emotional literacy by understanding emotions, both from a conceptual perspective and an experiential one, and by their management with ease.

EPISODUL VII: Cum să gestionezi emoţiile inconfortabile de Crăciun

EPISODUL VI: Cum să gestionezi emoţiile când primești un feed-back negativ

EPISODUL V: Cum să gestionezi emoţiile când vrei să ceri o promovare sau o creştere salarială

EPISODUL IV: Cum să gestionezi emoțiile când nu ești promovat la serviciu deși considerai că meritai

EPISODUL III: Cum să gestionezi emoțiile la primirea unui răspuns negativ după un interviu de angajare

2nd EPISODE: How to manage emotions while waiting for the answer after a job interview

Ist EPISODE: How to manage emotions at the job interview

I can let you know whenever I add a new episode


Do you have a suggestion for future episodes about situations where emotions have been uncomfortable and you want to know how you can navigate them more easily in the future?